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... on the border with North Korea

Today I would like to take you to the "Odusan Unification Observatory" on the border with North Korea. This observatory was built in 1992 and houses an exhibition on the history of Korea in relation to its division after the Korean War. It is located near the city of Paju-si at the intersection of the Hangang and Imijin rivers and can be easily reached from Seoul in a short time, also by public transport. You have a beautiful wide view of the rivers and the North Korea beyond. The distance to North Korea is only 2.3 kilometers at its narrowest point. With the provided far-sight glasses you can easily see the opposite North Korean side. Inside you can learn a lot about the painful history of the country's separation. Other attractions such as the third invasion or attack tunnel and other viewpoints at the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) can be easily reached from here. For a day trip, the Odusan Unification Observatory is a really nice and interesting destination. Admission prices are around 2 euros. The adress is:

369, Pilseung-ro,
Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do.
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Jens Wilke
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