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Pathways of energy and nerve points in martial arts

Pathways of energy and nerve points in martial arts

Nerve points are used in almost all martial arts, as well as in our martial art Hapkido. The extent to which nerve points are used and implemented in the application is partly due to the martial art itself and partly due to the people who run it. People with little background knowledge and experience in these areas often judge the effect and use very quickly. Nerve points are something unknown - why should that work? Honesty is the most important thing when considering and practicing nerve point applications. You should always be honest with yourself and everyone else, because not everything and everything works according to the textbook. People have different dispositions, have different pain sensations and show little to no or very strong reactions in some areas. Under stress or the influence of intoxicants, the pain threshold drops sharply or is even switched off completely. Whatever will work are the subconscious reflexes.

In Korean martial arts, energy teaching, healing arts and maintaining health have a long tradition, which is cultivated and taught by some martial arts styles. Knowledge of health, energetic relationships and restoration should always be taught first before this is implemented and trained in combat applications. Just as there are people with a low pain threshold, there are also people who react very quickly and very strongly. Therefore, you have to be very careful in training and pay attention to the health restrictions of each individual. Experiments should therefore be avoided urgently!

In Hapkido you can find energy and nerve point applications in different ways, depending on how it is provided in the style training program. These applications are implemented in breathing training, energy stretching exercises, therapeutic gymnastics, acupressure techniques, pressure massage, meditation and in the support of combat applications. There are various ways of doing this in combat applications. For example, it can be implemented very well according to the Um and Yang principle, since the change of the hard type (Yang) and the soft type (Um) brings dynamism and effect to the application combinations. This can also be used very effectively according to the five-element teaching. A lot of what looks very nondescript has a surprising effect when done correctly.

Energy pathways (meridian pathways) can be deleted to relax muscle groups. Special nerve points can be pressed, rubbed or hit. Depending on the intensity, different signals are sent to the nervous system and a reaction is achieved. The greater the differences in the signals, the more effect is caused, because the entire energy balance of a person tries to keep the balance.

Larger reactions can be caused by the combination of different impulses.

This manifests itself in relaxation, tension, pain, reactions to the peripheral and central nervous system, triggering protective functions of the nervous system, and much more. Based on a small description and an application example, I would like to give this article an introduction to the application of energy and nerve points.

I wish you much success trying it out.

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