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Seventh KHCA federal course with cultural exchange 2019

Seventh KHCA federal course with cultural exchange 2019

At the end of 2019 there was a cultural exchange for the 7th time between the KHCA main association in Korea and the German representation under the direction of GM Jens Wilke. The 7th federal course was also organized as part of the exchange. It was again a great honor and pleasure to welcome the President of the Korea Hapkido Center Association, Prof. Song Soon Ki and the VIP Demo Team in Germany. The VIP demo team gave a demonstration at the Polish embassy in Seoul just before they visited Germany. The GM Prof. Song honored us again this year was a particularly great honor because he was recently elected as the 1st President of the new united Hapkido Association in Korea.



consists of 29 purely Korean Hapkido associations and is the only association that will be supported and recognized by the Korean government and its ministries in the future. Since it will of course mean an immense amount of work for Prof. Song to manage, develop and organize this new association in the future, it was a great pleasure for us to fulfill his express wish to visit Germany again and to be able to pass on his skills. We hope, of course, that he will be able to come to Germany again in the future.

The 7th federal course was very popular again and so Hapkido athletes traveled from all over Germany on two days. From the beginner to the grand master, everything was represented. Under the direction of Prof Song and with the support of the VIP demo team and grand master Jens Wilke, new techniques were shown and what had already been learned was deepened. Interesting discussions took place and Prof. Song provided initial information about the new Hapkido association in Korea. More on that in the next issues. The VIP demo team showed a great demo with all facets of Hapkido. With a huge applause, all the audience paid tribute to the performance shown and the press present was also very impressed.

During the course, Prof. Song especially thanked some masters such as Grand Master Alois Potzucki, Master Uwe Wischhöfer, Master Horst Storb and of course Grand Master Jens Wilke for the good association work in Germany. Grand Master Jens Wilke was awarded the 7th Dan as a special surprise.

After a successful course, the group from Korea went on a small tour of Germany, where Master Uwe Wischhöfer also visited Dojang in Pfaffenhofen. This is always an integral part of the cultural exchange. More on this in an extra report from Master Uwe Wischhöfer. After a little over a week, the Hapkido group was adopted. At the farewell, Prof. Song issued an invitation for a return visit in 2020 for all interested Hapkido athletes. We will of course comply with this. During the Easter holidays, a tour group will travel to Korea and take part in a large hapkido tournament during the tour. We look forward to a return visit to Korea in 2020. KHCA Germany wishes Prof. Song every success in building the new association!


Grand Master Jens Wilke

Jens Wilke
7.DAN Hapkido (KHCA), Präsident Korea Hapkido Center Association Germany 7.Dan Taekwondo (Jidokwan), 6.Dan Taekwondo (Kukkiwon) 13.Khan Muaythai,International Referee and ITO IFMA