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Editorial 2020-01

Winter magazine edition 2020 (# 9)
Edition: 2020-01

Dear readers,

Thanks to our hardworking authors, I would like to introduce the new edition of our HAPKIDO magazine 2020-01 # 9 to you today. It was again a great honor for me to be able to prepare the exciting content and to make it readable and tangible for you in other languages. Recently, I was also honored to be awarded the 5th Dan KHCA by the newly elected President Prof. Song, Soon-Ki of the newly founded Hapkido Association in Korea. After his visit to NRW, he also traveled to Bavaria with us with a Korean demo team. Of course, we immediately took the opportunity to learn firsthand about this new Korean association. Read also Grand Master Jens Wilkes article in this issue!

Your Hm editors
Uwe & Sabine Wischhöfer
YI-JING-DO Academy

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Photo: Frank Stolle

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