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You can win:
3 x a DVD from WHITE SNAKE!
(The participation link is available from May 1st, 2020 to May 10th, 2020 11:59 pm)

Link: Competition
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"The legend of the white snake"

When we were offered “White Snake” by CONCORDE Home Entertainment GmbH to view our magazine, the joy was great. As with our last competition of “ Birth of the Dragon ”, we will be raffling off a DVD three times for you. Please follow the link to the competition and our terms and conditions.

With “White Snake” I would like to introduce you today to a new animated film that is full of detail and which, after Mulan and KungFu Panda, could also become a highlight for friends of Chinese legendary fairy tales.

The extremely pretty snake demon and assassin Blanca loses consciousness after a failed attack on a general and is found by Xuan in her human form, who takes her to his home village. While the rescuer spends most of his time high in the mountains in love for nature, the inhabitants of his village see their task in catching snakes. Blanca and Xuan spend a lot of time together and gradually discover the two very magical moments in the beautiful nature. Before Blanca's memory of her actual existence and demonic abilities came back, the two discovered their affection for one another. In search of her identity, Xuan shows her his world and they sing their song that connects them. When Xuan is rescued by Blanca after a dangerous attack, he realizes that his savior appears to be a demonic serpent; But at this point he is ready for his new love for everything ...

At this point I will stop spoiling because I don't want to tell you too much and keep my fingers crossed for our raffle!

We will announce the three winners again on our Facebook page; Please do not miss your delivery address within the deadline!

Link to an unofficial trailer from China to "feel" - Of course our DVDs to be raffled are in German!