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Gerhard Agrinz - Mission in Nepal

Gerhard Agrinz - Mission in Nepal

Grand Master Gerhard Agrinz
with Hap-Ki-Do system Kim Sou Bong
on Hap-Ki-Do Mission in Nepal

First International Martial Arts HapKiDo Seminar 2020

Grandmaster Gerhard Agrinz visited distant Nepal in January 2020, at the personal request of the President of the Nepal Martial Arts HapKiDo Association, Mr. Kali Bahadur Gharti Magar, to provide support and support. This event was by far the largest HapKiDo event that had ever taken place in this region. HapKiDo is currently still in its infancy in Nepal in terms of distribution. This "1st International Martial Arts HapKiDo Seminar 2020" was organized to establish HapKiDo as a martial art in Nepal. Grandmaster Gerhard Agrinz supported the Nepal organization with his presence and thus representation of his HapKiDo style "System Kim Sou Bong" and helped it to a high reputation. The stay lasted a week and was carefully planned. The days before the big event were used for numerous individual special seminars. Grandmaster Gerhard Agrinz taught basic techniques and at the same time conveyed an understanding of the function. The participants came mainly from the military and police sector, but also many from the most diverse social classes were represented. In some cases, up to four hundred participants frolicked on the mats. The challenge of holding an orderly, controlled seminar here was very big. The interest in the shown and the associated joy of being there kept the participants emotionally constantly at the limit. The overview and control was only possible with consistent discipline requests.

At the same time, Grand Master Gerhard Agrinz was constantly asked by the local media, especially television, for an interview or press conference.

Presentation visits to various ministers were also on the agenda. The main event of the "1st International Martial Arts HapKiDo Seminar 2020" took place on January 25th and 26th in the city of Pokhara. The opening ceremony was initiated with a public move into the event hall and continued in the hall through traditional demonstrations by many ethnic groups. In between, martial arts performances from various clubs were constantly shown.

The highest ranking politicians and representatives of many organizations, in particular the military and the police, were guests of honor. The speeches showed the highest level of appreciation and respect.

Grand Master Gerhard Agrinz President of the International HapKiDo Dan Federation System Kim Sou Bong / Austria in his opening speech. In his speech, Grand Master Gerhard Agrinz emphasized that he was very satisfied with the activities of the Nepal HapKiDo Association.

“I will support the Nepal HapKiDo Association wherever I can. In the following seminars I will not only show the students powerful techniques, but also convey the values associated with HapKiDo. I will motivate the participants to practice HapKiDo. HapKiDo develops self-confidence and enables an upright life. I personally have many years of experience and can say that HapKiDo changed my life.
"It is my way of life, I love HapKiDo!" With this in mind, I wish all participants good luck and the coaches a lot of patience. All a Hap-Ki Kamshamnida - Namaste "

Grandmaster Gerhard Agrinz presented the President of the Nepal HapKiDo Association, Mr. Kali Bahadur Gharti Magar, with a certificate of recognition and an original gift from Austria as a thank you for the cooperation.

Personal impression of Gerhard Agrinz

The hospitality I received was unique; I felt in my heart. I was taught a lot about the Nepalese way of life and culture, especially how time is dealt with. I have enjoyed and learned to love every shape and made many new friends. I am convinced that through my presence and the direction of my seminar, I was able to make a contribution to HapKiDo development and thus lay the foundation for a successful Hapkido future in Nepal. We found a lot of new friends there!

Gerhard Agrinz
Großmeister Gerhard Agrinz begann im Jahr 1971 mit dem Hap-Ki-Do-Training in Österreich und war persönlicher Meisterschüler von Großmeister Kim Sou Bong bis zu dessen Tod am 04.08.2011. Großmeister Gerhard Agrinz wurde im Jahr 2011 offiziell zum Nachfolger durch den koreanischen Großmeister Kim Sou Bong für das Hap-Ki-Do Lehrsystem Kim Sou Bong ernannt und hat somit weltweit die uneingeschränkte technische Leitung des Hap-Ki-Do Lehrsystem Kim Sou Bong übertragen bekommen. In diesem Zusammenhang hat Großmeister Gerhard Agrinz auch das von Großmeister Kim Sou Bong gegründete Europäische Hap-Ki-Do Bildungszentrum zur Weiterführung übernommen. Dieses Bildungszentrum stellt die zentrale Ausbildungsstätte für Hap-Ki-Do Übungsleiter, Instruktoren und Lehrmeister dar. Im Besonderen konzentriert sich das Bildungszentrum auf die Anwendung des von Großmeister Kim Sou Bong entwickelte TMR-Instruktionssystem zur Entwicklung der Selbstbehauptung. Dieses TMR-Lehrsystem ist ein eigenständiges Instruktionssystem, welches eine völlig neue Herangehensweise an die Ausbildung und Entwicklung von Personen im Bereich des Selbstverteidigungs- bzw. Kampfsports darstellt. In den nunmehr mehr als vier Jahrzehnten Hap-Ki-Do-Aktivität hat Großmeister Gerhard Agrinz signifikante und richtungsweisende Beiträge zum Hap-Ki-Do-Lehrsystem Kim Sou Bong geleistet. Sein Ziel ist es, das Hap-Ki-Do Lehrsystem Kim Sou Bong gemeinsam mit allen Hap-Ki-Do Meistern und Freunden in die Zukunft zu tragen und dieses einzigartige Lehrsystem weiter zu etablieren.