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Editorial 2020-02

Dear readers,

Welcome to the tenth edition of our HAPKIDO magazine with again very valuable and interesting articles by our hardworking authors and grand masters.

Many of us are currently spending a lot of time at home in front of the computer to reposition ourselves in times of “stay at home” and to reorientate ourselves professionally. I hope that if you, like me, work as an independent martial arts school operator and entrepreneur, you have now found a way to cover your running costs, even without the previous business income. We have also thought about how we can recognize the crisis as an opportunity and have already started to build a platform for you, with which you can market and monetize your offers and courses through our magazine. Look forward to our new online course area, which we are currently building for you and want to make available soon. We have already invested in expensive software and new faster servers. Now a few adjustments are needed and we may be able to start with the first courses for the summer edition. But now have fun with our new Hm edition!

Your Hm editors
Uwe & Sabine Wischhöfer
Yi-Jing-Do Academy