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Training trip to America

How time flies - this year I celebrate my 20th anniversary with my martial arts school.

More than three decades ago it all started with the Hap Ki Do martial art, which captivated me.

I trained this martial art for many years before I trained and tried many other martial arts. Some were fashionable, others were very effective. I was interested in everything. I saw advantages and disadvantages, but I didn't evaluate them, because each style is only as good as the one that carries it out. After all that, my love stayed with the Hap Ki Do and never lets me go. Now my daughter is almost as old as my school and is already following in my footsteps. After graduating from high school, I came up with the idea of a training trip to America, where I know many high-ranking masters who knew Jenny as a small child. Of course, she wanted to learn not only from her father, but also from others to see where she was. So in November last year I went to various schools in New Jersy in the USA where I also taught with Jenny to fly back in early December. Jenny stayed briefly in New Jersy and then moved to San Francisco to train in different schools there too. So she also trained weapon techniques with Grand Master Michael De Alba. In the middle of January we went back to the east coast and I also traveled again because we were both invited to the Hall of Fame in Atlantik City, which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary. Back in Austria was training for the planned seminar and competitions but of course our 20 year celebration in June. Based on the current state of Corona, we will have to postpone the event until the end of October or early November. Since our concern is to bring together many friends and schools, we will wait for further development and organize the remarkable five-day event with a course, evening show, film, honors and after show party in one plane. I am happy about everyone who looks at the date and visits us. You can find updated data at eventplan.hapkido-magazin.de . In the meantime, train hard and watch our channels.

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