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Hapkimooyeh seminar in Wolfenbüttel

Hapkimooyeh seminar in Wolfenbüttel

On November 3, 2019, the Yong Association Wolfenbüttel hosted the first Hapkimooyeh seminar in Germany.

A variety of styles were represented among the martial arts enthusiasts, including karate, taekwondo, kummooyeh, jiu-jitsu, wing-chun and more. After an initial introduction to the background of Hapkimooyeh and himself, Grand Master Ahn from Korea and Master Lacroix from Belgium started the first part of the seminar. After the participants were prepared for the further exercises with a light stretching and a gentle warm-up, the next techniques were used. A combination of loosening, levering and throwing techniques was shown. The vivid presentation of the exercises by the grand master made it easy for the participants to internalize the techniques. Grandmaster Ahn attached great importance to the details that make the techniques effective and also checked and corrected them personally for the participants. During the seminar it became apparent that the participants were more than satisfied and enthusiastic about the way the speakers responded to the needs of the participants. The always exciting idea that the grand master with his own open and humorous way provides for a motivating atmosphere.
The physical well-being was also taken care of during the lunch break with traditional Korean soups and coffee and cake. The seminar participants also had the opportunity to exchange information about what they had learned in a relaxed environment and to establish connections with one another. After the lunch break, Master Frankie Lacroix took over the seminar and showed the various defense techniques against punches and kicks together with the instructor Jens de Block. The seminar ended with throwing techniques, which were demonstrated by Master Ahn and his son and which were enthusiastically implemented by the participants. Finally, Grand Master Ahn and Master Lacroix thanked everyone present for their participation and the organizer Björn Wasseveld from the Yong Association Wolfenbüttel for the successful seminar and hope to see them again soon in Germany. Hapkimooyeh is a Korean martial art that is practiced all over the world. Hapkimooyeh is characterized by common handles, throws, weapon techniques and dynamic kicking techniques and is unique due to the wide variety of techniques. Hapkimooyeh doesn't just offer self-defense techniques in every way. It also offers meditation techniques that a person can use to train both body and mind. All these parts together make Hapkimooyeh a very interesting martial art in which everyone can find themselves.

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