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Editorial 2019-04

Herbstmagazin edition 2019 (# 8)
Edition: 2019-04

Dear readers,

Welcome to the eighth HAPKIDO magazine " late " autumn edition 2019-04
The I Ching, the Asian wisdom “Book of Changes”, inspired our new author, Dr. Andrea Seidl on the I Ching picture: " The advancement - the ascent ". I am very happy to have found an expert on this mental side of our martial art, who will share her experience of "Do" in Hapki-Do under the title: " Never quit! Will convey. For our Hapkido editors, this was a good reason for a change of perspective at the highest level and so my wife and I not only went to the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, but decided to look far beyond to see the following grandmasters to learn our martial arts! In addition to a new Buchae (Korean fan) technology series, which will be presented to us in this and the next Hm editions, Jens Schimmel, we were able to visit Volker and Nadine Gößling in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, as well as in the Yong Verein in Wolfenbüttel von Kwang Hee Ahn and Frankie Lacroux at the first Hapkimooyeh seminar gather new impressions, as did Hyun Kyoo Jang, who presented us with his sword and bow at the international Kummooyeh seminar in Ismaining. Our hard-working team of authors, without which this edition would not have been possible, wish you lots of fun reading and looking at the new Hm!
Editorial 2019 04
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