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Police training with Rafael Balbastre

Police training with Rafael Balbastre

The Hapkido master class 2.019, which was organized by the Spanish association of Sin Moo Hapkido with the participation of teachers and students from the clubs of Miguelturra, Vila-, took place in the martial arts hall of the Polytechnic University of Valencia on Saturday, June 15, 2.019 . Seca, Sabadell, Ciudad Real and Valencia. Sabom-nim Serafín Martínez directed the warm-up, and then GM Rafael Balbastre (9th Dan) started the technical part by teaching students about blockages and counterattacking techniques in western boxing. The master then taught the techniques to improve and correct the Sonmok Yop Chapki section (wrist handle on the side). The second part of the MC-2019 program began with the Instructor Round, in which students could train with the AESMH teachers present and learn the self-defense techniques they considered appropriate in freestyle. The Masters that participated in this round were: Ernesto Giménez (4th Dan), Javier Ramírez de Verger (4th Dan), Lluis Torner (2nd Dan) and Serafin Martinez (1st Dan). At the end of the event, Kwan Chang-nim Rafael Balbastre presented all students with a certificate of attendance and a pin for the 25th anniversary of the Spanish Sin Moo Hapkido.

A police hapkido course was held at the Kukkiwon Club in Valencia on Saturday, July 6, 2,019 , led by GM Rafael Balbastre (9th Dan), President of the Spanish Association of Sin Moo Hapkido. In this course, he trained the technical content of Module II, starting with theory and legislation. The technical training consisted of arrest, immobilization, driving, search and bondage techniques. The second part of the course was trained in knife defense technology, defense tactics against multiple attacks plus the corresponding police reduction, and defense against melee threats with the knife in the neck, throat, stomach and sides. Basic techniques for police personal security. Master Balbastre explained that Police Hapkido is not a new martial art, but a highly specialized professional technique in our Hapkido that focuses on the police, security forces and black martial arts belts. The complete training consists of three courses (modules) that take place throughout the season. After completing these three courses, the candidate can take the Police Hapkido Instructor exam issued by the AESMH. After the course, the appropriate certificates were delivered to the instructors in training.

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