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Who is Who in the Hall of Honors

Who is Who in the Hall of Honors

"Who is Who" of the Munich "Hall of Honors"

the trend-setting martial arts event in Europe since 2008

Since Master Gregor Huss initiated the first "Ehrenhalle der Martial Arts" in Munich, Germany twelve years ago, many events of this type have been founded all over Europe to this day and have contributed to making the martial arts even better known. A hall of fame, the Hall of Fame, had been organized in London in 2004, but it had no major impact on the world of martial arts on the continent, as it was seen primarily as a local English event.

Up until now, no event of this kind had received such a great response from the celebrities and legends of martial arts from Europe and the world as the "Munich Hall of Honors". The elite of martial arts can hardly wait to come to Munich for the glamorous black and white gala every year and to present themselves and their fighting styles in more than 30 free seminars. Especially to honor their students and teachers for their achievements and merits in front of an exquisite audience and to enjoy the fantastic performances and the lavish buffet with their life partners. Of course, many celebrities were also present in 2019 and most of them had booked this event regularly for several years. In a sell-out event in the Hofbräukeller in Munich, the French concert flutist Raphaelle Zaneboni opened the gala evening after dinner and then the awards ceremony alternated with many performances until late in the evening. It was another great event that made history in the world of European martial arts again.

In recent years, many celebrities of martial arts and fitness have been welcomed there, as well as the world-famous queen of martial arts film Cynthia Rothrock (2012-2019) and the undefeated multiple world champion in kickboxing and actor "the Dragon" Don Wilson (2018); as keynote speaker 2018 Dr. Robert Goldman , world record holder and founder of the "Sports Hall of Fame" (2016-2018) and actor and film director Kely McClung (2013) eleven-time world champion in boxing daisy "The Lady" Lang (2018) performer Matthias Hues (2018/2019) karate Diva and action superstar Karen Sheperd (2009/2010) Wushu legend Sifu Serge Seguin (2012-2019) GM Bram Frank (2008/2009) GM Sigfried Lory (2012) GM Geoff J. Booth (2012) the "granddame" of MMA wrestling Lu Dwyer (2016) Actress Crystal Santos-Copage (2016) and Ugyen Choden (2018), Ewart Chin (2016) Harry Mok (2016) Ip Man Wing Chun Legend Samuel Kwok , GM Heinz Kohnen (2011-2017) Kumu Michealle Manu ( 2017) Weilmeister Emma Elmes (2009 - 2018) and actor Silvio Simac (2011-2019) as well as actress Zara Phythian (2017) from the UK, GM Juerg Ziegler (2012-2019), GM Rudi Kaufmann (2012/2018) and GM Albert Greber (2012/2018) from Switzerland, GM Martine de Petter (2017) GM Bernie Willems (2018-2019) GM Ferdinand Mack (2019) GM Hervè Gheldman (2018), GM Keyvan Dehnad (2014-2019), GM Thomas Milan (2016) from Bosnia, GM Teo Radut (2015-2017) GM Dan Zahdour (2018) from Denmark and Delanoe Stephane (2018) from France, GM Josy Murray (2017) from Ireland, GM Marco Morabito (2008-2012) from Italy, Josè Montes (2014-2018) from Spain, GM Benny Ericsson from Sweden (2018) and GM Erhard Kellner (2012-2019) , GM Perry Zmugg (2012-2019) from Austria, GM Fabio Bevilacque (2018) from Italy, to name just a few.

But of course there are many other students and Dan carriers who come from different regions such as: NEPAL, INDIA, BUTHAN and NEW ZEALAND, the USA, AUSTRALIA and AFRICA to be recognized by their teachers and masters. Perhaps we can also welcome you to one of the upcoming events and honor your services to martial arts. (Gh)

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