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Events 2019-03

Mold group 1 JENS SCHIMMEL at the HAPKIDO seminar in Holland

Master Jens Schimmel as a guest speaker at Ikonedya Hapkido in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Almost 100 participants met Hapkido and Kummooyeh on the weekend from June 22nd. the Dutch association has been working with Silent Stream Hapkido for a long time and also emphasized the joint plans for the future at the end of the course. So there will soon be a lot of Hapkido and Kummooyeh offers in Holland. (Js)

Mold group 3 HAPKIDO seminar in Sweden with JENS SCHIMMEL

HAPKIDO is becoming more and more popular in Sweden, so Jens Schimmel was invited by Griffen Martial Arts to Lund, Sweden. There, Hapkido and Kummooyeh introduced over 150 participants from Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The participants were so enthusiastic that training courses across Scandinavia in the two martial arts will soon be held. At the same time as this course, the Hapkido project is taking place in Sweden, in which 30 Taekwondo trainers are given intensive courses to start the first small Hapkido offers in their clubs after the summer holidays. (Js)

Mold group 2 Exchange with Greece

From the first to the fifth of July 2019, 20 representatives of the island of Kos, Greece were in beautiful Gießen, in Hesse. We trained for a week and got to know Germany. The program included trips to Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, as well as learning to dance and songs. Hapkido, Taekwondo and Kummooyeh were trained. The project was largely made possible by the Hessian Taekwondo Union and especially by the support of youth leaders Thorsten Dombrowski and Sergej Kovalenko. The whole week was under the educational guidance of the sports and martial arts teacher Jens Schimmel. (Js)

Kummooyeh group KUMMOOYEH in Holland - seminar and trainer course
in Korean sword art with HYUN KYOO JANG!

A Kummooyeh seminar was held in Holland on the last weekend in May, focusing on training for Kummooyeh coaches. The special attraction of this seminar was that our Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang from Korea was invited to speak. But since there are not so many opportunities to learn from this great sword master, three of our Bavarian trainers traveled to Holland with three students for the seminar. It is particularly noteworthy that Master Jang not only devoted himself to the further training of his trainers from Europe, but also repeatedly organized a few training sessions with the children and the color belt. In this way, all participants were able to take home something new. And on Saturday at dinner together, our Bavarians were able to exchange ideas with old friends from the European Kummooyeh community and get to know new colleagues. (Bf)

Jens  Schimmel
5. Dan Hapkido (Silent Stream)
2. Dan Kummooyeh
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