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Editorial 2019-03

Summer magazine edition July 2019

Edition: 2019-03

with the topics: LAW

  • Gerhard E. Hermanski &
    Dr. Jörg Michael Günther:
    § Defense law (D, A, CH)

  • NEWS
    Gregor Huss: "Hall of Honors Munich"
    Guy Larke

    New tenders in
    Hapkido and Kummooyeh

    Hm authors currently report

    Jens Schimmel: "kicks"

    Jens Wilke: cover photo!
    Korea: Bulguksa temple

Dear readers,

Welcome to the HAPKIDO magazine summer edition!

In the new magazine 2019-03 you can expect many interesting changes, which could be expanded by another four pages due to our hardworking new authors. At this point I would like to express special thanks to the grandmasters Rafael Balbastre from Spain, Gerhard Hermanski, Gregor Huss from Germany and Master Edwark Larke from Korea, who are represented in this issue for the first time with their reports and contributions. In the future, we will provide all previous and new authors with internal author access on our homepage. Articles and images can be set up and edited directly in the respective national language. This is particularly important for our new event page, which can also be adapted and maintained by the hiring party. Our editorial team will publish selected articles in the next HAPKIDO magazine flipbook or release them for immediate reading on our websites. Events can always be accessed and read in the currently available languages.

Please be patient until we activate our internal access and you can register as an author, event provider or reader!

Now have fun reading the new edition!

Yi-Jing-Do Academy
Your Hm editorial team
Uwe Wischhöfer

We are still looking for motivated native speakers who would like to give us feedback on the current quality of Google's translation and who would like to provide our readers with improved texts in the respective national language.

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