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Center Zmugg: guest Will Widmeyer and day of sports

Center Zmugg: guest Will Widmeyer and day of sports

Hap Ki Do GM Will Widmeyer as a guest at the Center Zmugg

The time had come in May. Grandmaster Will Widmeyer was a guest in Graz at the Martial Arts Center in Zmugg for the first time. The two met at the Sin Moo Hap Ki Do Summit in New Jersey (USA), where both taught. So friendships were made among colleagues and the decision was made to exchange ideas. This year it was time for Widmeyer to travel to Graz. In the United States, he has the only Korea Hall Of Fame in which only special masters are accepted. Widmeyer lives partly in the Philippines and teaches his exciting Hap Ki Do all over the world, which is based on physics and pressure point techniques. In his lessons, he focused on the body structure and how to break it without effort. Supported by pressure point techniques, he was able to inspire the students right from the start. Of course there were many similarities with Zmugg's teaching methods and so there was a great exchange, where the similarity of the views became even more apparent. After a lot of training, sight seeing was of course not neglected and so the most important sights of the city, including the Schwarzenegger Museum, were visited. Since Grand Master Zmugg will start his 20th anniversary next year, Grand Master Widmeyer would definitely like to come back with some surprises. We're glad!

Sports Day with Center Do Zmugg

It continued on May 26 with the Day of Sports in the city center. The Center Zmugg has also been there for many years. The Hap Ki Do School was also part of the city's largest sporting event. So was informed at their own booth u. of course, diligently trained, everyone could participate. The whole thing was peppered by the Zmuggs competition team, which always kept small demos u. Gave insights into the skills. The team including Perry Zmugg then performed on the main stage and sparked a firework of Hap Ki Do and spectacular techniques. Lea Neuhold, Ansgar Siegl, Jenny u. Elias Zmugg applauds. In the first two weeks of the holiday there are children's camps, a Kumberg camp and a training week for adults. Our video teaching channel is growing continuously! (Pz)

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