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World Easter Hapkido Summit 2019 Switzerland

World Easter Hapkido Summit 2019 Switzerland

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World Easter Hapkido Summit 2019 Switzerland

Top left image:

Grand Master Gerhard E, Hermanski (8th Dan)
Host Grand Master Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler (10th Dan)
Mayor Winterthur Michael Künzle
Grand Master: Gerhard Agrinz (10th Dan) Perry Guillermo
Grand Master: Walter Hubmann (9th Dan)
Grand Master Rafael Balbastre (9th Dan)
Grandmaster Rami Vainionpää (9th Dan)
Grand Master Erwin Pfeiffer (7th Dan)
Grand Master Perry Zmugg (9th Dan)
(Picture right)

Grand Master Prof. Guillermo Rodriguez Muñoz (7th Dan)
(Picture right)

GM Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler

awards the: "Medal of Honor"

the: World Sin Moo Hapkido Community

to all the honorable grandmasters mentioned above, the Mayor of the city of Winterthrur Michael Künzle, and to the HAPKIDO magazin Redaktion represented by the editor Uwe Wischhöfer

Over 160,000 hapkido students studied with Grand Master Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler

Juerg Uwe “Learn from the best of the best; Experiencing HAPKIDO first-hand, in order to make the concentrated knowledge available to everyone interested in HAPKIDO magazine, was my motivation for a trip to Grand Master Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler in Switzerland. Over 50 gigabits of photo and film material came together on the Easter weekend. It will probably take some time before we will gradually provide you with the pictures and films on our homepage on HAPKIDO-magazin.degratis. Please be patient!

Dojunim Ji Han-Jae, who now lives in the United States, is considered the founder of Korean hapkido. Master Ji certainly became known worldwide through superstar Bruce Lee, who was once so enthusiastic about Hapkido that he took lessons with Grand Master Ji. In addition, you are probably familiar with the scenes in the blog baster: "The Game of Death" in which Bruce Lee wore his unique yellow suit with the black stripes and fought his way up through the pagoda floor by floor. At that time Bruce Lee had Master Ji wear a golden belt to show in the film that Master Ji's skills are the highest level of HAPKIDO! Since then, Grand Master Ji Han Jae has passed on his knowledge and skills to his closest students.

A handful of these venerable students of the Grand Master are honored today by being allowed to wear the golden belt at Sin Moo Hapkido. Ji Han Jae's right hand in Sin Moo Hapkido has been Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler , whose guests we were at the current Easter Hapkido Summit 2019 in Winterthur in Switzerland. Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler has represented Korean Sin Moo Hapkido in European, Eurasian and Middle Eastern regions since 1990 with written certification from Dujunim Ji Han Jae. In almost three decades of his work for Sin Moo Hapkido, Grand Master Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler has over 160,000 students with his Hapkido family. Perhaps you can guess what honor it was for me and the recipients of the "Medal of Honor" to be recognized by a master of his caliber.

Yours Uwe Wischhöfer medal of honor




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