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The HAP in Hapkido


After I brought you closer to the Chinese and Korean characters for "KI" and "DO" in the last two editions of the Hm, the only thing left to clarify is what is meant by the preceding syllable: "HAP". Google Translator translates the syllable 합 from the Korean Hangul into German with "sum", while the English translation with "synthesis" comes much closer to the actual meaning. Because a synthesis means the union or connection of two or more elements into one unit and that is exactly what Hapkido wants to express! The connection of AI and DO into an inseparable unit. With this in mind, this year's World Easter Hapkido Summit 2019 took place in Winterhur, Switzerland, under the direction of Grand Master Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler, which Grand Master from all over the world invited to this event.

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a hapkido! ...
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... consequently expresses the basic idea of Hapkido's namesake Grand Master Ji Han Jae, who had in mind to combine the Hapkidoin's AI in a common way. Later GM Ji added the syllables SIN MOO to his style. Sin means will or spirit and Moo means warrior and according to GM Ji Han Jae expresses the "higher technology in martial arts" and means " harmony and coordination of will, body and spirit ". Grandmaster Ji, who I unfortunately only got to know in Graz in 2010 (see photos), wanted to differentiate between Japanese aikido and Korean hapkido, which sound different, but are written identically in Chinese characters. My thanks go to Grand Master Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler for lots of background information on the history of Sin Moo Hapkido.

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