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Editorial 2019-02

Spring magazine issue April / May 2019

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Edition: 2019-02

with the topics:

  • GM Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler
  • Hapkido Summit Switzerland
  • Red jacket for Bernhard Fiegl
  • Hapkido kicks part II
  • Awareness work in practice
  • STREET Hapkido Part V
  • Travel report Korea

2019 02 S2 S3 VS HP


Editorial office 2019 02 HAPKIDO magazine spring edition 2019!

Dear readers,

is there anything better than feeling the warming sun on your skin in spring? Well, maybe train at a Hapkido Summit with the best of the best in Switzerland or visit the worth seeing GUINSA temple in Korea ...

Missed something? No problem, all articles of the upcoming and also the past five online editions are now multilingual on HAPKIDO-magazin.de in 15 languages under the motto:

"One world - one hapkido!"

Yours Uwe Wischhöfer
Editing in Winterthur
in front of GM Juerg Zieglers Dojang

NOW readable in 15 languages thanks to integrated Google translation!


We are still looking for motivated native speakers who would like to give us feedback on the current quality of Google's translation and who would like to provide our readers with improved texts in the respective national language. We are happy to replace the text parts that are not yet perfect by Google with improved ones!

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