Guinsa temple

In this article I would like to introduce you to one of the most beautiful temples in Korea for me; The Guinsa Temple at Danyang in Chungcheongbuk-Do Province. This picturesque temple winds its way up the Sonbaeksan mountain in a valley. The ascent from the parking lots takes about 20 minutes and goes steeply uphill. But you can also have a shuttle take you up there. Those who have made their way can really look forward to a unique temple. The temple complex is the headquarters of the Korean Buddhist order Cheontae. From here, another 140 or so temples of the order in Korea are directed. The temple complex consists of many buildings and winds over several levels up to the main hall with its 5 floors, making it one of the largest in Korea. Up to 10,000 monks can stay here and even more people can be catered for if necessary. Speaking of tasting - every visitor can get a free meal in this temple during the official meal times !!! Therefore, it is probably very busy on the weekends as I was told. But you shouldn't miss this because most of the ingredients are grown by yourself. The temple was founded by the monk Sangwol Wonjak who was also the first abbot of the monastery. The temple was rebuilt in 1945 after it was burned down in the Korean War and restored in 1966. A temple stay for a few days is also possible. You can get information about this and general information about the Guinsa Temple on the official website of the temple guinsa.templestay.com. You should definitely not miss this temple! Until next time.

Yours Jens Wilke

Jens Wilke
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