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An eventful year at Perry Zmugg

An exciting hap ki do
2018 came to an end

A very eventful year 2018 came to an end; In spring the Center Zmugg in Graz visited GM Geoff Booth (10th Dan) from Australia. As for several years, he was able to inspire the participants with his skills and his way. In April we went with a whole team to Finland where Perry Zmugg gave a three day seminar with GM Rami Vainionpä. Many friendships were also established among the participants before heading on to Leibnitz in the south of Graz where GM Gerhard Agrinz invited Zmugg to teach at his Hap ki Do Festival. The Zmugg team gave a demonstration of their skills. Because of the friendship with GM Gerhard Hermanski, Zmugg was invited to Leverkusen to teach Sin Moo Hap Ki Do there. Back in Graz we went to the first European Hap Ki Do Summit organized by Zmugg himself with the speakers Juri Fleischmann, Rami Vaininonpä, Aek Roubache, Stefan Johansen, Gerhard Agrinz and Zmugg himself. Hap Ki Do GM Kwang Suk Choi did not come up enough a seminar. Zmugg was also invited to America as a teacher at the World Sin Moo Hap Ki Do Summit Festival, led by GM Ken Mackenzie. Now almost the end of the training week before Christmas and you are getting ready for new projects in 2019.

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Perry Zmugg
9. Dan Sin Moo Hapkido
Repräsentant für Österreich
von Dojunim Ji Han Jae
"World Sin Moo Hapkido Federation"