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Kwang Suk Choi at Center Zmugg

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Great Grandmaster
Kwang Suk Choi
visiting the Center Zmugg

After the first Sin Moo Hap Ki Do Summit was successfully completed with us in Austria, it continued with just a little more than three weeks later with Hap Ki Do Moo Gong Kum Do, Kwang Suk Choi (9th Dan). Invited by Master Thomas Schäfer, Zmugg did not miss the fact that Grand Master Kwang Suk Choi also taught a section of his skills in his center. Zmugg met him at the 2010 World Championships in Battle Creek and shared a room with him at the 2016 World Championships in Thailand. It was therefore a special pleasure to have him on site in Graz.

In addition to step work and pressure directions, 15 attack techniques and some theory were taught in the Center Zmugg. Then it went on in Amstätten in Lower Austria with Master Thomas Schäfer. There a variety of foot and hand techniques as well as the parade discipline sword were trained. Everyone is already looking forward to another meeting!

GM Perry Zmugg himself taught in November at the largest Sin Moo Hap Ki Do Summit worldwide, in New Jersy, with GM Kenneth P. Mackenzie. So the Hap Ki Do year passed in flight and everyone is looking forward to the next training sessions, seminars, friendships.

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9. Dan Sin Moo Hapkido
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Perry Zmugg
9. Dan Sin Moo Hapkido
Repräsentant für Österreich
von Dojunim Ji Han Jae
"World Sin Moo Hapkido Federation"