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Saturday evening hapkido special

It wouldn't be Perry Zmugg's event if there wasn't an impressive Hapkido demonstration alongside the course! Grandmaster Perry Zmugg, his big daughter, his son and the demo team of the Body Martial Arts Center Zmugg showed a professional demonstration of self-defense techniques relevant in Hapkido. Grandmaster Juri Fleischmann, who had traveled from Germany, showed sword techniques with blindfolded eyes and proved that he also knows how to handle the sword, which is part of the repertoire of an advanced master in hapkido. Aek Roubache Abdelkader from Algeria showed impressive defenses against several attackers. Grandmaster Rami Vainionpää, who came from Finland, convinced with professional demonstrations, as did Grandmaster Gerhard Agrinz from Austria and Master Stefan Johansson from Sweden. The international exchange of experiences at this Hapkido Summit was welcomed by Allen with the hope of a continuation in the home country of one of the Hapkido speakers for 2019! (uw)

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Uwe   Wischhöfer
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