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Kummooyeh seminar

Video 1
shows the pulling and sticking of the two swords



Video 2
shows practicing a new form with two swords

HM K 2018 04 l

Kummooyeh logoKUMMOOYEH with sword & bow (Sept. 2018)
Seminar Hessen - with Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang

HM K 2018 04 lm14.9. until 16.09.2018 Schöneck (near Frankfurt). Master Jens Schimmel from the Silent Stream Hapkido invited the Korean Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang to Hesse to train with all Kummooyeh friends who had traveled from Germany, Belgium and even England with the sword and the Korean riding bow. After my last meeting with Michael Poschen, who had already initiated the first Kummooyeh seminar with Master Jang in Munich in 2014, I had meanwhile decided to do an apprenticeship in Kummmooyeh with Grand Master Jang and registered for the IBP in Korea. The current seminar gave me and many others the opportunity to practice sword shapes learned so far, shooting with the Korean rider bow, and various sparrings with the soft sword under the guidance of experienced instructors. Special thanks go to my Hapkido colleague Maik Löhr, who has now developed into a Kummooyeh Head instructor, and Master Tim Olbrich (in red jackets) from the Lower Saxony Kummooyeh Association, who actively supported Grand Master Jang during the three-day seminar. They also taught us the two-sword technique "Ssangkum" in several units, from the Bahlkum & Chackum (pulling and sticking) of the two swords to the cutting techniques.

Kummooyeh for Hapkidoin "IBP" - Ideal for teachers!

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In most Hapkido styles, wooden weapons of different lengths, such as. B. the Danbong (short stick) also teaches and tests exercises with the Jukdo (bamboo sword) or the Mokgum (wooden sword) in the Hapkido-Dan program. The quick and effective Kummooyeh, which Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang further developed from the Gumdo styles established in Korea, is due to its efficiency and versatility ideally suited as a supplement and professional basis for Hapkido teaching with weapons as a source of training. An excellent opportunity for hapkido teachers is Master Jangs Kummooyeh's “Instuktor Bridging Program” (IBP)! Here the hapkidoin can train in his own dojang as a "teacher in training" with the help of the video files provided by the grand master and other aids in Kummooyeh. The respective learning progress is checked directly online by video learning goal controls and provided with comments and learning recommendations. The goal is to qualify in addition to your own teaching activity without travel, in your own dojang to 1st Dan in Kummooyeh in order to teach Kummooyeh in the future as a whole or as part of the Hapkido. It was a great honor for me to train alongside Hapkido Grand Master Daeman Sung (6th Dan) from London, who had also chosen the IBP. I will gladly accept his invitation to visit him in London in his Hapkido Dojang. I am happy about the rapidly growing Kummooyeh community and will report in one of the next HAPKIDO magazine issues, at the latest at the International Kummooyeh Seminar in Munich, which will be organized by BernhardFiegl in October 2019. (Uw)


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