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Fall technique - Part IV

Lesson preparation for the LGS in 2015
"Backward fall school ..."
backward fall art
Sequence of the backward fall

1. Lower the center of gravity
2. Chin on the chest - round back
3. Roll back and knock off with both arms
4. Exhale
Technological importance of breathing
The most important organ for breathing is the lungs. The difference between the maximum inhalation and the maximum exhalation is known as vital capacity. V = 2.5l / mx G (G = height) for women V = 1.9l / mx G. The residual volume is 1.5l, which remains in the lungs. The total capacity is the sum of the residual volume and vital capacity, and the lungs behave like a diaphragm expansion vessel when the chest is compressed. With 1.5 l air = residual volume, the membrane can move in any direction and give in to the pressure, unlike when the total capacity is exhausted.
1. Calculate your vital capacity.
2. What are the residual volume and the total capacity?
3. What is the problem when inhaling when falling?
4. Practice the case backwards with exhalation :-)
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