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Editorial 2018-04

Cover2018 04 HAPKIDO magazine autumn edition 2018!
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Dear readers,

the past three months have flown by. One event chased the other and so I am happy to report to you in this autumn edition of two major events in Hesse and in Graz (A). As always, I had ample opportunity to have interesting conversations with Kummooyeh and Hapki colt and old martial arts friends. Many new contacts were made and I hope to be able to tell you more about this in future editions. The distribution of our free magazine requires your active participation! I would therefore be very happy if you would recommend our HAPKIDO magazine to your colleagues, friends and students, so that our circulation continues to grow and we can continue to offer our service free of charge. For the current issue, I wish you lots of fun and toi toi toi in our current DVD competition!

Yours Uwe Wischhöfer


Uwe   Wischhöfer
Hapkido, 5. Dan, KHCA, 
Taekwondo 4. Dan, Kukkiwon,
NLP-Practitioner und NLP Master, DVNLP
Geboren 1963, Kampfkünstler seit 1974, 
YI-JING-DO Akademie seit Februar 2003, 
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