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Birth Of The Dragon

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Film - REZENSION - with 4 out of 5 stars

Birth Of The Dragon

The actor Philip Ng slipped into the role of superstar Bruce Lee of the 64s and showed him from a rather unapproachable side at a time when he taught his American students wing chun techniques and taught them how to successfully kick others. The visionary in Bruce Lee and the great potential that was in him is expressed very well in the work and lets us as martial artists guess what it could have looked like behind the scenes of a budding superstar. With the arrival of Shaolin monk and martial arts master Wong Jack Man, played by Xia Yu, you are impressed by his sublime, self-contained appearance! Where does that lead if one person wants to spread the technique and thus make the martial art a gift to everyone and the other one has to recognize that the uncontrolled use of technology can bring harm if the necessary maturity is lacking? When Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man come to terms with the plot of the film, which wants to relate to real events, it gets really exciting for the viewer. Officially, the argument is primarily about who will win, but in fact something much more interesting happens! Bruce Lee must recognize the finiteness of his striving for perfection and the end of a staircase of ceaseless striving; An experience that any true martial arts teacher could have at some point. Ultimately, this experience may have subsequently caused Bruce Lee to close his three martial arts schools and not develop a style, but rather a martial arts concept. Bruce Lee's “Jeet Kune Do” is still taught by his friend Dan Inosanto as a martial art concept without claiming any particular style. "The way of the intercepting fist" means knowing the path of the falling fist in order to be able to act or not act intuitively. Birth Of The Dragon surprises positively and can be warmly recommended by our Hapkido editorial team to all those who want to see behind the scenes of our martial arts and their early spread. In this film you get to know the motivation of the innovative Bruce Lee, who was far ahead of his time in KK technology, as well as the mental side, for which Wong Jack Man advocates Shaolin. Superficial action lovers, or those who adore Bruce Lee in the original, might be disappointed with this work, however, as the weight of the film is less on the idol Bruce Lee than on the DAO and martial arts at Wong Jack Man; Still a worthwhile film that shouldn't be missed. We wish all participants of the competition good luck! (uw)

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"The fight that made Bruce Lee a legend"

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