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Fall technique - Part III

Case Technology
Nakbob part III

Lesson preparation for the LGS in 2015
"The role forward ..."
Sequence of the fall technique role forward

1st step forward (shown above with right)
2. Rest on the floor with your left palm
3. Roll over the right arm and right shoulder
4. Knock off with the left arm during the roll
Technical significance of the height
Energy is the ability to do work.
Epot = mgh, this means that the potential energy of the body with mass m and the acceleration due to fall g = 9.81m / s2 is proportional to the fall height h.
Energy can be converted from potential energy to kinetic energy and vice versa.
1. Calculate epot while standing (navel height)
2. Think about why 100% of the energy cannot be converted and why injuries occur if the energy cannot be redirected.
3. How can the risk of injury be minimized with increasing technology?
4. Practice the role from different heights :-)
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5. Dan Hapkido (Silent Stream)
2. Dan Kummooyeh
1. Dan Gongkwon Yusul