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As a matter of course, children in crawling age pull themselves up with all their strength on chairs, table legs and everything else just to finally be able to stand like the adults. Of course, this works rather badly at the beginning. Fall down, get up, fall down, get up again; Many times! EVERYONE who has healthy legs and is basically physically capable of running once did it and can walk today without any problems! But why do some of us suddenly have concerns, for example when it comes to biking a simple bike on the exercise mat or learning a new floor exercise in hapkido? "I can't do that!", Some newcomers immediately ward off unfamiliar exercises! Other students who have been training with me for a long time usually answer such statements immediately: "I can't - there isn't!", As they have heard from me many times in class. With a little help, they then show the new person how to turn in a circle during the cycling exercise from “crawling on the floor with all fours” and slowly increase the height of the exercise until arms and legs are fully stretched. In our children's group, I like to consciously make a monkey and simulate a cheeky little monkey that scratches under the armpits with both hands and then joyfully hits a small wheel on the ground with all fours. With lots of laughter and fun, it often succeeds after just a few tries, which previously seemed impossible! From a young age I learned from my Korean martial arts masters that an open-minded, positively programmed attitude is essential for your own success. They always motivated me to explore my own limits and gave me the confidence that I can do it! They were and still are my great role models and mentors who have always supported me!

Marc M. Galal®
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Marc Galal is a special mentor and at the same time one of the most successful sales trainers in Europe, as well as trainer of the Society of NLP (USA). After reading his new book, I was able to meet Marc Galal personally in the Ingolstadt Saturn Arena and learn from him for a whole weekend at the seminar “From 0 to 100!” !
Perhaps you are already very successful in your actions or you are already leading the life you always wanted! Or are you still hungry for more and still have big goals? For example, as a beginner in the art of martial arts at the age of eleven, I knew that I would later penetrate the deep spiritual secrets of Asian teaching and teach as a master of martial arts; After several decades of practicing and studying Chinese classics, as well as the I Ching, the Chinese "Book of Changes", I now have to recognize that there is much more for me to learn! Marc Galal's "messenger of success " concept of helping other people to become successful in their work had so excited and motivated me that I now offer you his new book: "From 0 to the first million", which you are still buying for FREE would highly recommend reading! Never before have I devoured a 350-page book in such a short time!

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"Thanks Marc Galal for the nice conversation at the nls® seminar"

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Uwe   Wischhöfer
Hapkido, 5. Dan, KHCA, 
Taekwondo 4. Dan, Kukkiwon,
NLP-Practitioner und NLP Master, DVNLP
Geboren 1963, Kampfkünstler seit 1974, 
YI-JING-DO Akademie seit Februar 2003, 
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