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First European Hap Ki Do Summit


Archive picture 2010: Sin Moo Hapkido at Perry Zmugg in Graz with the style founder Ji Han-Jae (center)

"First European Hap Ki Do Summit"
Hapkido Event 28-30 September 2018 in Graz (Austria) by Grand Master Perry Zmugg
For the first time, the Body Fighting Art Center Zmugg is organizing a stylish Hap Ki Do Super Weekend in Graz, Austria under the direction of Perry Zmugg!

Perry Zmugg has long had the idea for such an event in his head - inspired by numerous international events that he attended as a guest coach. Now the time is finally right and the right partners have been found to organize this big event. Long-time friends of Perry Zmugg, such as Juri Fleischmann from Germany and Ramy Vainionpää from Finland as well as international martial arts colleagues from Sweden Stefan Johansson - and from Algeria Aek Roubache, will make this summit a great international event. Grandmaster Gerhard Agrinz, who was an experienced martial artist and mentor of Perry Zmugg in the 90s, was won over as a guest trainer. The aim of this event is to bring together martial arts enthusiasts from all over the world, as well as from all age groups and situations. Hapkido is a martial art that everyone can give something to. The main goal of this event is to train the harmony between body and mind (Hap). That is why there are no competitions during this weekend; However, a small show is planned to arouse enthusiasm for Hapkido and to present the different aspects of Hapkido by different masters in order to promote the martial art of Hapkido as a whole. This is a goal that Perry Zmugg is committed to - or maybe despite - his 30 years of martial arts experience in various styles and his 18 years of existence as a full-time martial arts trainer. The Körper Kampf Kunst Center Zmugg is the dojang of Perry Zmugg in Graz, Austria and has been in existence for 18 years. Sin Moo Hapkido is taught as a central martial art five times a week by Perry Zmugg and his instructors. In order to promote martial arts and to broaden his own and the perspectives of his students, Perry Zmugg always tries to bring international greats of hapkido to tranquil Graz. The founder of Sin Moo Hapkido himself, Dojunim Ji Han Jae, has already visited twice, including the grand gala in conjunction with a weekend workshop to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Center Zmugg in 2010 (see also group picture above) ).

Over the years Perry Zmugg gained more and more Hapkido friends from all over the world who came to Graz for seminars. A guest that is always welcome is Juri Fleischmann from Germany, who has been Perry Zmugg's closest training and companion for almost 30 years. Other hosts of seminars and workshops in Graz were the grand masters Ken Mackenzie and Scott Yates from the USA, the grand masters Young T. Freda from the USA, Geoff Booth from Australia and Rami Vainionpää from Finland. Each of these masters in their field brought their own personal access to Hapkido and thus broadened the martial arts horizon of all participants. In addition to teaching numerous units and organizing or holding seminars all over the world, Perry Zmugg is also active in competitions. He has won over 10 gold medals in a variety of disciplines over the years. 2017 was a particularly successful year in this regard as he trained hard with a small group of students to compete in the European Championship in Frankfurt and the World Cup in Mexico. The success was impressive: the team won 12 gold medals at the European Championship (Jenny Zmugg, Elias Zmugg, Lea Neuhold, Ansgar Siegl and Martin Goger), at the World Cup (Jenny Zmugg, Elias Zmugg, Lea Neuhold, Ansgar Siegl, Perry Zmugg ) 14 gold medals.
In the future, the team at the Center Zmugg under the direction of Perry Zmugg would like to contribute to the further development of Hap Ki Do in Austria and to promote an increased exchange between the various schools, hapkido systems and masters. The European Hapkido Summit in September offers an excellent opportunity for this. All martial arts enthusiasts, regardless of their own martial arts experience, are welcome to attend the Hapkido Summit. Information about the event and the invitation as well as other dates of Perry Zmugg can be found on the HAPKIDO-magazin.de homepage updated under the event link of Perry Zmugg
Email inquiries about the events or the new online video program from Perry Zmugg that you can subscribe to, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone to: (0) 664-1106586, if necessary with country code 043 for Austria to the office of Perry Zmugg .

We look forward to your participation! Yours Perry Zmugg
Perry Zmugg
9. Dan Sin Moo Hapkido
Repräsentant für Österreich
von Dojunim Ji Han Jae
"World Sin Moo Hapkido Federation"