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Fall technique - part II

Case Technology

Nakbob part II
Lesson preparation for the LGS in 2015
Sequence of the case forward
1. Lowering the center of gravity
2. Stretch your legs backwards
3. Land close to the jump point
on the forearms,
Palm to the floor,
Form a triangle
4. Turn face to side
5. Kihap! (quick exhalation with body tension)
Technical significance of the height
v (t) = √2gh speed is the root
from twice the gravitational acceleration times the height.
That means, the greater the fall height, the greater the impact speed.
(g = 9.81m / s2) rounded g = 10m / s2 => v (t) = √20h
Task ( basic considerations can be found in Nakbob Part I)
1.Calculate the impact speed from a standing position (height up to your navel)
2. Calculate the impact speed from a crouch (height to the navel) and from 2m as an example for a person from the group.
3. Practice the case forward :-)
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5. Dan Hapkido (Silent Stream)
2. Dan Kummooyeh
1. Dan Gongkwon Yusul