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The Moo Gong Kwan is a school and style in the International Hapkido Federation (IHF). This Kwan was founded on September 8, 1983 by Great Grand Master Choi Kwang Suk and Senior Grand Master Lee Youg Sik. The headquarters are located in Ontario, Canada. The name "Moo Gong Kwan" itself is composed of three syllables: Moo (Korean 무, Chinese 武) literally for war or fight and stands for the martial art. Gong (Korean 공, Chinese 空) means “work” on the one hand, but also “ability” or “ability” and symbolizes the inner energy. Kwan (Korean 관, Chinese 館) literally means house and stands for a style. MooGongKwan1

It is translated with the school, which combines the military and intellectual content. This is also reflected in the Moo Gong Kwan's school logo. In the circle stands "Moo Gong Kwan" and "International Hapkido Federation", which symbolizes the togetherness. This is separated from the Korean characters 무 and 공. The stylized lotus flower can be found in the inner circle. This is highlighted by the symbol of the yin and yang in the Korean colors. This symbol contains the Chinese characters 武 and 空 for MOO and GONG.
In the IHF Hapkido style Moo Gong Kwan, in addition to the usual kick, throw and lever techniques, meditation and breathing exercises are also practiced and taught. The focus here is on increasing the internal energy, the AI (Korean) 기 or CHI (Chinese 氣). In the case of higher graduations, the individual weapons, such as short and long sticks, and later also the sword are trained. Later, techniques from chiropractic are added to treat possible injuries from training. The overarching goal of Hapkido is to achieve the best mental, physical and mental health of the individual. As a by-product, the training gives the practitioner increased flexibility, greater endurance, better understanding, better control, greater strength, excellent self-defense, greater trust and self-worth. The teachings of Moo Gong Kwan are described as follows:
1. Exemplary etiquette
2. Exemplary efforts
3. Exemplary self-protection
4. Be a real martial artist
MooGongKwan2 This is also reflected in the life of Grand Master Kwang. He particularly respects and respects three of his teachers for life. His Son Master (Korean for Zen Master) Hwa-Sun-Yang Yang il Dea Sun Sa Nim (Great Master) Se Nim. He was trained in martial arts by the founder of the International Hapkido Federation Kuksanim Myung Jae-Nam. He died in 1999. And his professor at Dong-Kuk University Park Wan-Il. Proper etiquette and correct behavior is of the utmost importance for the practice of Hap Ki Do and martial arts. The following is a list of principles and guidelines that must be strictly followed in Moo Gong Kwan. Always remember, a martial artist must always be humble. A true martial art begins and ends with 무 or 武 (Korean MOO) and stands for the martial art: So never forget that the path begins and ends with etiquette. The AI 기 or 氣 of nature should always protect those who observe and cultivate it, you must never be afraid or hesitate. Always be thankful for your master and teacher and I am very proud to be a hapkidoin. Even the smallest insect has a soul, don't destroy life for any reason other than self-defense. You have to fully understand the warlike path to be hard, but you shouldn't fear the hardness that will come. Concentrate on the real DO (the way) to bundle your AI.
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So we come to the teachings of Hapkido:
Correct setting 바른 태도
Right view 바른 견해
Correct judgment 바른 판단
Correct speech 바른 말씨
Right actions 바른 행동
Right way of life 바른 생활
Right mentality 바른 정신
Right way of the DO 바른 도 인
The teachings of Moo Gong Kwan are added here:
1. Right etiquette
2. Sincere efforts
3. Proper self-protection
4. Be a real martial artist

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