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Hyun Kyoo Jang

Michael Poschen Michael Poschen

4. Dan and Head Instructor Kummooyeh
2. Dan and Instructor Haidong Gumdo®
2. Dan Tang Soo Do.
2. Dan Taekwondo

Michael Poschen has been practicing martial arts since 1985
In addition to his grades (see above), he also practiced
Hapkido, Taiji and Kendo. He also completed the
Trainer C training of the Bavarian State Sports Association.
In 2007 he founded in Ismaning near Munich in
Budo-Club-Ismaning eV the Haidong Gumdo® department,
which he walked in Kumdo in 2014 and later in Kummooyeh.
Hyung Kyoo Jang Headmaster
Hyun Kyoo Jang
8. Dan Kummooyeh
Grandmaster Hyun Kyoo Jang Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo and Kummooyeh have been training for more than 35 years. He developed Kummooyeh (the Korean martial art with sword and bow) and founded the World Kummooyeh Federation in 2010 together with Grand Master Bouksoo Joung.

In February 2014 he began teaching Kummooyeh and spreading it worldwide through seminars and the Instructor Training Program. He travels the world and travels outside Korea for more than half of the year to train instructors and students. The spread of Kummooyeh is progressing rapidly. Kummooyeh is currently being trained in 20 countries. National and international events are organized in different countries every year. In 2017, the first international Kummooyeh seminar and instructor meeting took place in Utah, USA. The next international event is already scheduled for 2018 in Korea. GM Jang developed Kummooyeh with the goal of being able to develop physical and mental skills that support us in everyday life and have a positive impact on our quality of life.
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First Kummooyeh seminar
in April 2014 in Ismaning near Munich
in Germany
The young martial art started in Germany in April 2014 in Ismaning near Munich. Michael Poschen invited Grand Master Jang to a seminar weekend to introduce Kummooyeh to those interested from all over Germany.
The spark quickly spread to the participants. The knowledge was quickly passed on to today's trainers through various training programs and seminars. They pass on their knowledge and skills to their students according to the motto "Sweat and Smile".
To date, numerous schools and exercise groups have been founded in Bavaria, Berlin, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate. The number of enthusiastic Kummooyeh members is constantly increasing and presents us with new challenges. We master these flexibly and dynamically and always for the benefit of our students and for the Kummooyeh community. At the beginning of 2018, the regional association was founded in Lower Saxony and further foundations are pending. We are also pleased to be the first European country to be able to train other Kummooyeh instructors through our currently three certified head instructors.
Anyone who wants to be trained as a Kummooyeh Instructor in Germany can quickly achieve this goal with the support of our Head Instructors. The specially developed training program IBP (Instructor Bridging Program) usually ends with the exam for 1st Dan and enables and entitles the graduates to teach their own students and to take their belt exams. 2018 remains an exciting year. In addition to the trainings, performances and belt exams, we are very much looking forward to the upcoming major Kummooyeh seminars and events. On February 10th and 11th, the Lower Saxony State Association organized a seminar for every interested student and prospective instructor in Wolfenbüttel: On June 2nd and 3rd, 2018, the "Kummooyeh Friendly Seminar & Training" will take place in Bottrop, which is a joint project of European instructors is held and, in addition to teaching, offers a friendship tournament for pupils for the first time. On September 13th to 17th, 2018 we are looking forward to another visit from Grand Master Jang. He is a human, friend, teacher, and approachable grand master. Training and learning with him is always a special experience. The seminar is aimed at everyone who is interested in sword fighting as well as those who practice Kummooyeh.
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The six pictograms displayed were provided by www.Kummooyeh-Niedersachsen.de. The article about GM Joung has been translated into German from the internal website: www.kummooyeh.org.
Group Feb 2018
Uwe   Wischhöfer
Hapkido, 5. Dan, KHCA, 
Taekwondo 4. Dan, Kukkiwon,
NLP-Practitioner und NLP Master, DVNLP
Geboren 1963, Kampfkünstler seit 1974, 
YI-JING-DO Akademie seit Februar 2003, 
Verlagsgründung: HAPKIDO magazin 2018