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Editorial 2018-02

Editorial HAPKIDO magazine spring edition 2018-02!

The smell of barbecues is in the air and our gardens are for some people the second dojang - finally spring! In this wonderful weather, I like to take my Korean mokgum (wooden sword) in my hand and practice sword techniques in the open air on the lawn, which I once learned from Grand Master Jang and Master Michael Poschen, from whom the current Kummooyeh article for our spring edition comes could. I would like to thank all the authors who contributed to this online edition with their interesting articles in this issue. Please also visit our new homepage: Hapkido-magazin.de, which provides you with all the articles in addition to our bonus materials, videos and other content.

Yours Uwe Wischhöfer (wi)

(Picture left next to me, Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang)

Uwe   Wischhöfer
Hapkido, 5. Dan, KHCA, 
Taekwondo 4. Dan, Kukkiwon,
NLP-Practitioner und NLP Master, DVNLP
Geboren 1963, Kampfkünstler seit 1974, 
YI-JING-DO Akademie seit Februar 2003, 
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