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STREET Hapkido - Simple self-defense that works!

STREET Hapkido - Simple self-defense that works!

"STREET Hapkido" is based on a few but very effective,
however, many uses hapkido techniques.

StreetHapkido1 Thousands of techniques in traditional hapkido!
Traditional hapkido has several thousand self-defense techniques for the budding hapkidoin in its repertoire. Depending on the style and bandage, a prospective Hapkido Dan carrier will require between 200 and 500 specific defense techniques with punches, levers, throws and kicks for the first Dan examination. In addition, most of the exam contents known to the Taekwondoin, such as case school, free fight, break test, are assumed and checked.

Dan Intensive Training (DIA) in Hapkido, who is suitable for this?
After I had been able to get to know Hapkido through a competent grand master many years ago as an experienced Danekwondo in Taekwondo and good previous knowledge in Aikido, within a year I was able to demonstrate the first Dangrad in Hapkido with 377 self-defense techniques required for testing. With the Dan certificate I also received permission to teach Hapkido and to take exams in the copper area. My motivation was great to match my Korean role model. Parallel to my Hapkido lessons introduced at school, I invited an external group of eight Taekwondo teachers at the time, some of whom came from different federal states, to intensively train the Dan examination program in Hapkido for me on a Saturday to Kup Graden once a month on a Saturday , After a little over three years, seven of the eight participants passed the examination for 1st Dan with flying colors!

Hapkido in regular classes
In the meantime, my existing Taekwondo students have been able to prove that it is possible to achieve the first level of teaching in Hapkido within four years during regular classes in Dojang, with at least two practice units per week. One of my hard-working students Sabrina (in the picture with certificates), I was able to hand over the certificate for 1st Dan Hapkido after about three and a half years and congratulate at the same time also for 2nd Dan in Taekwondo. She had been able to demonstrate all 377 techniques from our Hapkido teaching concept in succession and thus passed her Hapkido exam!

STREET Hapkido for beginners
Many women and men in Germany are very unsettled due to the current immigration problem and the increasing reports of attacks. In many cities, therefore, new self-defense courses are springing up, suggesting safety with the fastest training and training in the use of pepper spray and similar aids. In addition, "stop, stop and no" is shouted loudly in the attacker's face. This may lead to more self-confidence and inner strength, but after 40 years of practicing in various martial arts I doubt whether it really can help in an emergency. Nevertheless, we do not have to leave Hapkidoin to the providers of Krav Maga and Co. When analyzing our hapkido techniques, I found some that are very effective for various attacks and are easy to learn for beginners. At STREET Hapkido I removed techniques that were difficult to learn for the beginner and added promising ones from my more than forty years of training practice. STREET Hapkido thus corresponds to the "entry-level version" of Hapkido. It enables the beginner to move forward quickly and effectively, perhaps to get a taste for more.

STREET Hapkido in practice
Even experienced hapkidoin will have the opportunity to practice techniques that have already been learned from completely new perspectives and thus make them their own with repetition. A great martial arts master taught me a few years ago: “I don't care about people who practice a thousand techniques; However, I am worried about someone who has practiced a single technique a thousand times, making it his property! ”
STREET Hapkido follows exactly this approach: Few techniques - often practice! (Wi)
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