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Before training, before and after every exercise, before and after every form, we take Junbi-Sogi and demonstrate: “I'm ready! The exercise can begin. ”Or we can show:“ I have finished the exercise and I am ready for a new exercise! ”. This ritual is much more than just one of many positions in Taekwondo or Hapkido. It is an essential exercise in itself. Because by taking the position, breathing deeply in and out again and becoming calm inside, we clear our minds of everything that distracts us. We focus on the next technique, the next defense against an attack, the next form. In the same way, with Junbi-Sogi we complete a technique, a form, a task and are ready for the future. It is important to train this in the same way, because only in this way can we recognize the real meaning and benefit from it. What if we did all of the exercises without this ritual?

The exercises would be carried out with less focus and concentration, because there is no "pause". Ultimately, the end of the exercise would also be a transition to the next task without a break. The awareness of the success of the exercise carried out would be less or nonexistent. From this position, this ritual, this technique, we can transfer a lot into our everyday life.
When do we go to Junbi-Sogi in our everyday life? When do we take a deep breath and exhale and concentrate only on what needs to be done? When do we do the same after a task, an event to calm our mind, empty it, and prepare for what is to come? Probably only very rarely in today's often very fast-moving times. But isn't it like training? Wouldn't it be good to be able to do this exercise every day?
I would like to show an example for everyday life: A stressful day in the field. Early in the morning, the company car takes the highway to the first customer, after which there is an important meeting, some telephone contacts, an important report that still has to be released today. And the day has so few hours. All appointments are important and require our full attention, ultimately driving in particular. One possibility is to "race" through the day to save time and to keep all appointments. Or I use the principle of the "Junbi". I pause and take a deep breath before exiting the house. I concentrate on the first car ride. When I get to the customer, I do the same. "I arrived well. Thank you. And now I'm concentrating on talking to the customer. ”Not on the meeting afterwards, not on all the tasks that lie ahead. That cannot be changed anyway. But I can focus all my energy on my next task. And afterwards I can finish the task internally.
Which day will be more successful? Which day will be more fulfilling? Which day will be more relaxed with the same load? If you manage to bring yourself spiritually into Junbi-Sogi again and again, you will be able to focus your attention on the present moment, focus all your energy on the task at hand and consciously complete a task so that a new one can begin , If Junbi-Sogi practices this intention and applies it to your everyday life, it will become an important pillar for mindfulness and concentration.

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