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Feel the beat!

Our heart gives us life. It pumps the blood through our body, beats in its own rhythm. When we're at rest, the pulse rate is around sixty to 80 beats per minute. Hand on heart - and you can feel your own life. The lungs also follow their own rhythm, they supply us with oxygen without having to actively think about it when breathing in and out. In the car, maybe on the way to Hapkido, we turn up the radio, let ourselves be enveloped, carried away by slow or fast rhythms, loud basses that drown out our own heartbeat.

What is happening to us? Where does man's love for dance, music and movement come from? Music has been around for ages, probably as long as there are people; When exactly the beginnings are, it does not seem to be clear. The fact is that almost everyone loses their hearts to songs, melodies and chants in one way or another. But what happens when we largely turn off music and sounds from the outside? In the car we have little choice but to listen to the hum of the engine.
In Dojang, on the mat - what do we hear and feel there?
Our heart that beats faster when we move, that adapts to us and our need for energy. Breathing, whether consciously or unconsciously, decides whether we have enough air to hold out. The feet, which step onto the mats in their own rhythm, spring, jump and hit again. Every move, every kick and every punch takes place in our own rhythm, which nobody can dictate or impose on us.
Feel the beat ...
... isn't that a feeling of freedom?
Jaura Jäger
Hapkido Praktizierende
Yi-Jing-Do Kampfkunst Akademie
6. Kup Hapkido (KHCA)
4. Kup Taekwondo