Original HAPKIDO in Wittenberg

Wittenberg Dojang
Spontaneous visit to Sabeomnim Volker & Nadine Gößling

If you take 600 kilometers for a day seminar to Wolfenbüttel, why not take a short detour to Lutherstadt Wittenberg and visit Sabeomnim Volker and Nadine Gößling in training? A look at the school's lesson plan showed that we had good cards for a visit to adult training. It was worth a try and so attacked the Hm editorial completely unannounced the traditional Dojang in Wittenberg. We would like to thank you for the warm welcome and the following joint training, which my wife Sabine was of course also able to capture with our video camera for our hm-readers. I got the benefit of a warm-up unit, which I would like to introduce to you "extremely shortened" in the video. These are teaching elements that were brought to Korea by Dojunim Choi Yong Sul from Japan under the name "Daito Ryo Aiki JuJitsu", where they are trained under "Hapkiyusul". It was a special honor and pleasure for us to be able to do not only a private Hapkido training with the two Sabomnims, but also to receive a guided tour through the Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Even if you may not be a Lutheran, you may have heard of the indulgence and the 95 theses written by Martin Luther, which the Reformer posted to the Wittenberg church door some 500 years ago. In the photo we are standing in front of the previously mentioned door, which today contains the theses in Engraver. In the center of Wittenberg, we inevitably passed Volker Goessling's law firm during our long walk. So, if you get into trouble and need a top defense attorney, you'll probably be in such good hands with Volker Gößling as you will be with a dogged hapkidoin. Volker Gößling is Acting President of the Hapkido Bund Germany and has been active on the mat for over four decades, sharing it with his wife Nadine Gößling and his students. In addition, they practice Silla Gumdo, an ancient traditional Korean sword form that we may look forward to during our next visit. Regardless, I am looking forward to the big upcoming Hapkido seminar in Wittenberg from 24.4. to 26.4.2020 about which we will report. (Uw)


Uwe   Wischhöfer

Hapkido, 5. Dan
, KHCA, 
Taekwondo 4. Dan, Kukkiwon, 


Geboren 1963, Kampfkünstler seit 1974, 

YI-JING-DO Akademie seit Februar 2003, 

Verlagsgründung: HAPKIDO magazin 2018